Customer Relationship Management Tool

Online customer relationship management (CRM) software for small business owners located in Westchester NY, Fairfield County, and any other U.S. market.

Our CRM software for small business, part of our proprietary marketing automation application, tracks interactions with prospects and customers. It’s an intuitive and easy to use system that is specifically designed for small businesses.

The CRM tool can handle the basic data requirements for your contact lists, including name, email, company name, address, telephone number. But goes beyond that by identifying behavioral trends and providing you with actionable insights so you can target your leads on a more personalized basis.

For example, our “Life of the Lead” feature offers an end-to-end picture of each lead’s journey through the nurturing and sales cycles, including where they came from, which pages they’ve visited, and how they’re “interacting with your brand.” It allows you to quickly see and act on a lead’s interests and preferences, level of engagement, and other valuable insights that can help you improve your marketing and sales efforts.

For more information about our CRM application, call or email us and we’ll be happy to discuss and/or schedule a demo.

CRM tool for digital marketing NY

Keep track of all of your leads and contacts so you can focus on making your sales cycle more efficient.

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